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IDOM Outsourcing

Through IDOM's Compliance Support Services, we can assist your institution's Compliance Department with its compliance burden through our Outsourcing Services, or by simply supplementing your existing compliance program with our Advisory Services on an as needed basis. We scale our services to meet your needs, whether it is for extensive or short-term projects.

By outsourcing your compliance functions to IDOM, we custom tailor a comprehensive compliance program that strikes an appropriate balance between meeting regulatory and enforcement expectations and meeting customer needs. Additionally, we provide the on-going support and monitoring of such a program. IDOM delivers solutions with the customer's specific needs in mind, and on this premise we work with every customer, revolutionizing the way you keep up with the changing rules and regulations relevant to your business.

USA PATRIOT Act - Sec. 326

IDOM can help your institution get in compliance with the new Customer Identification Program (CIP) requirements resulting from Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act. Policies need to be developed/revised to consider "risk factors" and associated internal processes that will be affected by the new compliance requirements. We can ensure that implementation efforts include adequate training and the proper integration with your overall anti-money laundering program. Our professional compliance services can assist in supporting and coordinating these efforts.

Please see the links below to find out more about the final ruling of Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act; and determine if your current compliance/anti-money laundering program is adequately prepared to meet these requirements:

U.S. Treasury Sec. 326 Press Release (HTML)
U.S. Treasury Sec. 326 Fact Sheet (Word  - Summary)
U.S. Sec. 326 Final Rule (PDF - Unabridged Version)

Superior Services

Whether an institution, large or small, desires to supplement their internal Compliance Department or outsource most of the function, IDOM's knowledge of international banking and banking products helps us to quickly pinpoint areas which require attention and recommend and implement the policies, procedures, monitoring systems and reporting procedures necessary to ensure that due diligence is maintained, regulatory standards are met, and that client relationships remain intact.

Simply put, the key to our service is our people. When our customers contact us, they speak to knowledgeable consultants with high-level management backgrounds that respond in a timely manner and address issues to the customer's complete satisfaction. We solve compliance problems and will work with you to ensure you have established a set of best practices that will help prevent future problems. We offer a wide array of tailor-made compliance services for foreign and international banks. Our compliance services, whether you require outsourcing or assistance on an as needed basis, include:

  • Compliance Monitoring, Training & Reporting
  • Advisory & Technical Support on Compliance Related Issues
  • Development of Comprehensive Compliance Monitoring Programs
  • Creation of Formal Compliance Policies & Procedures
  • Specialized Training, Technical & Administrative Support on Meeting Compliance Requirements (i.e. the USA PATRIOT Act, Bank Secrecy Act, Know Your Customer/Enhanced Due Diligence, all associated Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and other Banking Laws & Regulations)
  • Review of Requirements & Implementation of Automated Solutions
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